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Palletized Goods Storage / Public Warehouse

     Our public warehouse is designed for storing palletized goods tailored to meet bulk storage requirements,
 provide flexible short or long term contract to fit your needs, we charge you on a per CBM
     (cubic meter) and on
 a monthly basis.
No extra hidden charges except monthly storage fee and goods handling charge, please see the
  Rental for Palletized Goods and Requirements table below.
Our warehouse is operated under:
  • A secured 24x7 monitoring system equipped with security sensors and CCTV cameras
  • A suitably ventilated and regularly cleaned environment

 Rental for Palletized Goods and Requirements

1) Storage Fee - Minimum charges HK$400 / month
  (Goods' min. volume requirement = 2 CBM / pallet;
   Goods' volume < 2 CBM count as 2 CBM;
   1 CBM = 1 cubic meter)
$200 / Cubic Meter / Month
2) Goods Handling

- Moving one pallet of goods in and out of our
  warehouse once

$130 / Cubic Meter
3) Rental Payment - Two months deposit & one month rental in advance
  and goods handling charges for the very first time
  you open an account with us
4) Pallet Size &

- Each pallet of goods MUST NOT exceeds the below
  (W x L x H): 1.0m x 1.2m x 1.6m
  Weight: 400 Kg
  The goods loaded on each pallet should be securely
  shrink wrapped for safely handling purpose
  Label each one of your pallet clearly yourself for
  pallet-identification sake in the future 

5) Other Services - On-demand pre-booking van/truck based
   transportation arrangement and de-stuffing or
   de-vanning container services
Please call us to get a quote

All published prices are subject to change without prior notice.We make every effort to maintain
 up-to-date pricing on our website, however we recommend you 
call or contact us to verify