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Super Special Rates for
Private Storage Rental ...

12% discount*
for 12 months
most fabulous rental
5% discount*
 for 6 months
superb rental
3% discount*
for 3 months
ultra affordable rental
 *Apply to payment in advance only.
Storage Cabinet

     We offer different sizes of lockable storage cabinet to your liking to meet your
cost-sensitive and specific needs.
Very Affordable Special Rates for Storage Cabinet Rental:
  • 20% discount** for 12 months
  • 10% discount** for 6 months
**  Apply to payment in advance only.

Specifications and Price List:

Specification (inch)
Monthly Rent
39.50 x 17.50 x 78.50
$ 450

Payment - Two months deposit and
                one month rental in advance
39.50 x 17.50 x 40.25
$ 250

All published prices are subject to change without prior notice.We make every effort to maintain
 up-to-date pricing on our website, however we recommend you 
call or contact us to verify